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Welcome to the Y-Flyer Class homepage. We’re glad you found us! Sailing is what we do. It’s how we have fun at home and around country. We are a family class and it is, most definitely, a family boat. Perfect for husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and best friends – we’ve got them all.

The wooden Y-Flyer sailboat was designed by Alvin Youngquist and was released to Rudder magazine for publication in 1942,  Since that release, the Y-Flyer has essentially not changed in size, shape, weight, sail area, or hullprint against the water.  However, there has been a design update to the rudder and to the centerboard.  Although the wooden Y-Flyer is still being built by the sailor, fiberglass is now used to fabricate the Y-Flyer by commercial boat builders.  The American Y-Flyer Yacht Racing Association one design Class association was formed in 1950 and now continues as the American Y-Flyer Sailing Association.  Local fleets were established when 3 or more sailors desired to build the Y-Flyer.  Many of these fleets are active today, some have faded into history.  The Class has become incorporated and is recognized by the US IRS as a 501 c (3) organization.  The American Y-Flyer Sailing Association is an active member of US Sailing.  There is a Canadian Y-Flyer Yacht Racing Association, similar to the American (US) association, which was formed in 1945 and has active fleets throughout Canada.  Both associations are a part of the International Y-Flyer Yacht Racing Union.

The Y-Flyer is an 18’ fun machine. It’s an easy-to-manage day sailor or a fast tactical racing boat. We sail all over the U.S. and Canada, but primarily in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the US; however, it is worth mentioning that one of our most active and fun loving fleets is in the New England area. (Click here to view their blog)

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If you’re new to Y-Flyers please browse around our web site and check us out. Learn why we love the Y and why we think you will too.

For the do-it-yourselfer check out our homemade wooden boats page. These are made with care and love. Truly works of art. If you have the knack and the desire, you can build your own. We have the plans!

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