Wooden Y-Flyer Resources

Measurement Form

You can download a reference copy of the official Y-Flyer Class Measurement Form.

Plans & Builders Bulletins

Available from the Class Secretary on the  Membership page.



There are many ways to build the Y-Flyer hull. Leo Banasky has written a book about his method. It is written to supplement the Plans and the Builders Bulletins which are provided with the Plans. It is his method of building the wood hull and can be a useful guide for the first time builder.

The folks at WEST System have put together a number of publications telling the best ways to use their products.


Two recommended sources of quality marine building materials:

Harbor Sales—1-800-345-1712.

World Panel Products—World Panel Products services boatbuilders nationwide with a large selection of specialty marine plywoods (produced in accordance to BS1088, Lloyds certified), composite panels, lumber and veneer.

World Panel Products, Inc.
1750 Australian Ave #1
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Toll Free: (888) 836-3379
Facsimile: (561) 840-9945
Email: cs@worldpanel.com

WEST System

WEST System epoxy is the heart of any wood boat-building project. See their website at for product information and usage.

Other Boat-Building Materials and Hardware

Jamestown Distributing Co.—call 1-800-423-0030 or visit their website.

Hardware, Line and Other Rigging

West Marine—on-line retailer and catalog sales of parts, clothing and more.
Layline—on-line retailer and catalog sales, specifically for small-boat sailors.
Annapolis Performance Sailing—on-line shopping for parts, line and clothing.


Turner Marine—call 217-895-3395 or email Chet Turner.


Check out our pages of rigging ideas—loaded with photos!

E-mail Discussion Group

We have an active e-mail discussion group on Yahoo! groups. You can choose to receive individual e-mails, a daily synopsis, or just view postings on the web. Anyone can post messages and receive answers—you don’t have to be a class member.  Join here.