Mid-America Cup

The Mid-America Cup (MAC) is a series of six Y-Flyer regattas throughout the Midwest. It includes the Hawg Wild (in Little Rock, AR), Redskin (Hueston Woods, OH), Riviera (Lake Mattoon, IL), Indy-Outty (Indianapolis, IN), Beer & Boats (Lake Carlyle, IL) and Lake Lemon (Bloomington, IN) regattas.

Sailors are divided into gold, silver and blue fleets (although there is just one start for each race), based on experience and ability. Everyone competes for the regatta trophies, but the blue fleet sailors also compete for 3 additional trophies at each regatta.

Additionally, each sailing club fleet competes to have the best finishes at each regatta. At the end of the season, there are awards for the highest season-long finishes in all three fleets, along with a season-long champion club fleet.

Upcoming Mid-America Cup Regattas

2018 O. L. Shultz Hospice Open – Harbor Island Yacht Club

April 14, 2018—April 15, 2018
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