Race Scoring

RASRank As Starter. The number count of boats that sail in the vicinity of the Starting Line including boats that hail their boat number to the Race Committee in the vicinity of the Starting Line or are otherwise observed by the Race Committee as being in the vicinity of the Starting Line.
Starter—All boats that start the race being scored.
Finisher—All boats that finish the race being scored. Scored as ¾ point for first place; thereafter, a boat’s point score equals their finishing place unless a letter score applies.
TLETime Limit Expired. All boats that start properly but fail to finish within 45 minutes of the first boat to finish, unless otherwise stated in the Sailing Instructions, shall be scored TLE.  The Race Committee may award finish positions to last boats in lieu of a score of TLE when the Race Committee determines that such action is in the best interest of the regatta. Scored = Number of Starters.
DNFDid Not Finish. A boat that starts properly but does not finish the race. Scored = Number of Finishers + 1.
RAFRetired After Finishing. A boat who retires after finishing. Scored = Number of Starters.
DNSDid Not Start. A boat that ranks as a starter but does not properly start the race. Scored = RAS.
OCSOn the Course Side. On the course side of the starting line at the start of the race and not returning to pre race side of the starting line to start properly. Scored = RAS.
DSQDisqualified. Disqualified by the Race Committee for infringement of a racing rule. Scored = RAS + 1.
DNCDid Not Compete. Boat did not RAS. Scored = Regatta Registrants.
DNEDisqualified Not Excludable.
RDGRedress Given. Score as determined by the Protest Committee.

Breaking of Ties

Ties for a series shall be broken in accordance with US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix A Paragraph 8. If a tie still exists, duplicate prizes shall be awarded.

Time Limit

All racing shall be limited to 2 ½ hrs for the first boat to finish. The Sailing Instructions may limit the racing to a lesser amount of time for the first boat to finish.