Jib Halyard

Most racing Y skippers feel that it is critical to be able to adjust the jib halyard tension according to sailing conditions. While it is possible to swedge a ball on the halyard and use a lock similar to that on the main halyard, the systems shown here offer much finer control of the halyard tension.

Drum/Cascading Blocks

20:1 under-deck drum or cascading blocks. On left, above-deck hardward to hook into jib halyard wire. Note the numbered sticker for repeatable settings. Some boats also have a cleat at the base of the mast for the halyard tail as an extra measure of safety. On right, control line in the cockpit. Note that you can use a similar cleat on the other side of the boat for jib cloth control.

Magic Box

These come in various lengths which determine the adjustment range you’ll have. Control line can be led to turning block and cleat on deck or under deck (similar to that shown above).

Hyfield Lever

The hyfield lever does not have the infinite adjustment increments of the above systems and cannot be changed while under tension.