Miscellaneous Rigging

Mainsheet Pedestal

Note location of mainsheet pedestal. Many older boats have the mainsheet pedestal at the back of the centerboard cap and the skipper passes in front of the mainsheet pedestal when tacking or jibing. With this location of the pedestal, the skipper goes behind it to tack or jibe and you don’t have the problem of tangling the hiking stick (tiller extension) in the mainsheet as you pass it around.

Gear Stowage

Note use of shock cord to hold paddle and throwable out of the way. Also use shock cord in the front of the cockpit to hold your anchor, bailing bucket, water jug, cooler or anything else out of the way.

Splash Rail

Probably the most simple upgrade you can make to your boat—and very appreciated by your crew! Put a small aluminum or wood strip from the tip of the splash rail to the deck. This will keep the jib sheets from catching under the splash rail when jibing the whisker pole and when coming around the leeward mark.

Boom Crutch

Several things to note:

1) It is placed just slightly off center so that it doesn’t interfere with the rear connection point for the lifting bridle.
2) A small point protrudes from the bottom to secure it in the “base” on the floor of the boat.
3) It makes a dogleg — turned one way, the boom is centered so that the cover will fit correctly, turned the other way, the boom is off-center and the rudder can be kicked up.
4) It slides through a metal bracket on the cockpit coaming.
5) It is flat and can be tucked next to the paddle in the shock cord retaining system shown above.


Jib Sheet Attachment

Method 1: fold jib sheets in half with loop around ring (that will be used to hook whisker pole onto) and pull free ends through loop. Shackle through loop to jib. Variations include using a bowline to tie ring on with; no shackle — just tie right onto jib; using metal ring instead of nylon (you can either get a steel ring in the pet supplies area of most hardware stores and replace it periodically as it rusts, or get a stainless one from most marine supply houses.

Method 2: jib sheets whipped together around a shackle with a half twist; can also use shackle to attach ring.

Bottom Cleaning

To clean the bottom of the boat and/or the centerboard, turn the boat on it’s side on the trailer. Be sure to block the wheels of the trailer. Most people use the main halyard or upper sidestay to pull the boat over — it helps to have a few extra people around to help, particularly the first time you do it!! Make sure that the side stays don’t catch on the trailer fenders, and put a cushion or life jacket under the tip of the mast (advice not being followed in the photo).