Barber Haulers

Placement on Deck

Some people place the barber haulers very close to the side stays; others have them a little further forward.

Close to the side stays
Close to side stays
Forward of side stays
Forward of side stays

Fitting That Jib Sheet Passes Through

Small block
Loop spliced in small line over thimble

Through Deck Fitting

Where line does not need to be turned
Through-deck fitting with block where line must be turned

Single Control Line With Straight Crew Console

Unfortunately, I can’t take a picture of how this is rigged under the deck to go from two lines to one, but this shows how it comes out and cleats on the crew console

Control line comes through cockpit coaming to fairlead under crew console. Two small blocks (no fairleads) on underside of aft end of crew console, angled towards where crew sits on both port and starboard sides.

Single Control Line With “Batwing” Crew Console

Same as above except that cleats go on the underside of the two “wings.”

Double Control Line

Separate lines control the starboard and port barber haulers

Lines led to underside of crew console; no fairlead.

Lines led through deck near jib block to cleat without fairlead.