Rigging Introduction

There are many ways to rig a Y-Flyer and new ideas come up every year. The class specifications allow a variety of different approaches to the running rigging, giving you a number of choices to best suit your style of sailing, crew weight and strength and conditions you typically sail in. Click on the menu links to get ideas!

If you have more questions after looking at the pages above, you can join our e-mail group and post your questions there. No guarantees, but generally someone else has run into the same situation and can help you out.

Most of these photos come from Chet Turner at Turner Marine (a few are from Doug and Howard Roeschlein). They show several different ways of rigging a Y-Flyer. They do not necessarily show Chet’s “current practice” as these photos have been taken over a number of years. They are provided to give you ideas, not to say how your boat should be rigged. No one way is correct for all boats. It is your responsibility to make sure that your rigging does not violate the class Specifications although I have not knowingly used photos of anything “illegal.”

Several supply houses for parts and line are listed in Helpful Links.

Please note that some things simply cannot be photographed, such as a drum for tensioning the jib halyard or the precise sweep of spreaders.

Contact Chet directly through e-mail or call him at 217-895-2277 if you’d like to discuss his doing some rigging on your boat.

E-mail me if you have photos of other ideas you’d like to share or comments you’d like to add to any of the pages.